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  • Very caring doctor

    Karen K's Story

    Originally came to Dr. Eccles for hip & knee issues. It was determined that the problem stemmed from bursitis that came about due to spinal surgery complication 3 yrs ago. The Dr. was very supportive and reassuring, noting I could always contact him for any future problem.
    I returned for right knee pain that was severely impacting on my quality of life. Expressed concerns that any treatment that was done could not jepordize an upcoming spinal surgery. He assured me that a injection would help alleviate the knee pain and not interfere with the surgery.
    Even though the thought of a shot caused some anxiety, I was totally surprised as to how painless it was.. and the after effect was miraculous!!
    My knee has not felt this good since prior to my spine surgery. Even though I do need a rollator to walk, I was able to walk around with no discomfort in my knee whatsoever. I was able to wander around for almost 3 hrs straight and had no pain the entire time. Even after 36 hrs, getting this leg clipped, being taken down by my 18m old puppy, and then having a very active day of walking, it's still doing great.
    Anyone who deals with multiple chronic pain will understand what a difference it can make to your life to have one of them stop.
    Dr. Eccles is a very caring doctor who will explain and discuss what the treatment options are and what the pros and cons are for you. I feel that I've been very fortunate to be under his care. All I can say for now is "Thank you Dr. Eccles, you've so improve the quality of my life, and I am deeply grateful!"

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