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  • Most caring physician I know

    James G's Story

    If everything goes well, you never learn how important you are to a medical service provider. My initial experience did not go well. The first two weeks of pain both from the surgery and from the physical therapy caused me to stop eating and the resulting 25 pound weight loss caused me to overdose on my blood pressure medication. When I showed up for my follow up appointment with Dr. Eccles he immediately sent me to the emergency room because my blood pressure was so low. The emergency room physician stabilized my blood pressure and released me. Doctor Eccles called me to make sure I was ok and gave me a way to contact him quickly. It turned out that I didn’t need to contact him because he contacted me every day for the next couple of days to make sure I was ok and to fine tune my pain medication. Once I was stabilized, my physical therapy started to show results and I was able to do my exercises at home. The day after my fourth week of recovery I mowed my lawn. Today, at six weeks, I am walking a half a mile; driving a car without a problem; only use my cane when I want to walk quickly and both Dr. Eccles and my physical therapist are happy with my progress. I chose Dr. Eccles to replace my knee because I was convinced that his choice of device and his skill in placing it would give me a quick recovery. I didn’t know that I was choosing the most caring physician and surgeon that I would know in my 78 years on this earth. Thank you Dr. Eccles.

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