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What is OrthoGrid Hip AI?

OrthoGrid AI is a data-driven, Artificial Intelligence powered orthopedic surgical platform that integrates with existing hospital equipment to provide real-time, accurate, and efficient surgical assistance for Dr. Eccles to perform your hip replacement. It is designed to optimize surgical workflows, augment image interpretation, and enhance surgical precision through its innovative technology platform.

How OrthoGrid Hip AI Works

During a Total Hip Replacement procedure, fluoroscopic x-rays are taken. OrthoGrid Hip AI overlays a smart grid on these fluoroscopic images to correct for distortion and provides real-time image analytics for both cup position and leg length and offset measurements down to the nearest degree and millimeter. The system’s real-time analytics assist Dr. Eccles with intraoperative decision-making, ultimately aiming to improve surgical outcomes.

Key Features OrthoGrid AI

OrthoGrid Hip AI
  • AI-Powered Software: Offers automated patient-specific functional pelvis guidance throughout surgery with smart grid overlays and real-time image interpretation.
  • Treatment Path Autonomy: Seamlessly integrates with all surgical approaches and treatment philosophies, without compromise.
  • Reduced Data Fatigue: The intuitive interface presents automated real-time image analytics to reduce the time and energy surgeons need to interpret data intra-operatively.
  • Workflow Optimization: Delivers unmatched efficiency in workflow optimization and execution of the surgical plan independent of the approach.
  • Automated Point Selection: Capable of automated, real-time point selection, mitigating clinical outliers while keeping the surgeon in control.

What are the Benefits of OrthoGrid AI?

The benefits of OrthoGrid Hip AI include:

  • Improved Surgical Accuracy & Precision: Leads the industry with an FDA-cleared device capable of correcting dynamic fluoroscopy-derived image distort.
  • Risk Mitigation: AI reduces observer-derived outliers through intelligent point selection with computer vision and position variance detection.
  • Efficiency: Optimizes surgical workflows and reduces operating time, augmenting image interpretation and enhancing surgical outcomes.

OrthoGrid Hip AI represents a significant advancement in the field of hip replacement orthopedic surgery and helps Dr. Eccles offer a combination of enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

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